OpenWorld is the world's premier Web3 community and ecosystem that offers beginner-friendly education, gamified experience and security.
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Earn your first cryptocurrency from OpenWorld

OpenWorld is the only platform where you can earn your first cryptocurrency for free and use it to embark on your Web3 adventure.

Stay updated with the insights of Web3 KOLs and local guilds

Open Caller is an economic model based on the Open Protocol that incentivizes high-quality KOLs and guilds based on user interaction.

Stay up-to-date with the latest from local guilds, learn from their expertise, follow their actions, and discover the wealth of Web3.

An ecosystem based on the Open Protocol

Open Protocol is the cornerstone of the OpenWorld ecosystem - a decentralized identity(Open ID, SBT) and data protocol.

In Web3, you own your data, encompassing your account, social relationships, and content.

Open Journey

Open Caller

Open Ads Protocol

Open Community

OpenWorld Token

  • The ecologic. l supply side (KOL/caller/guide/mentos) receives $OPW through user incentives.
  • $OPW reflects the value of OpenWorld economic model, which is used for Community Governance, liquidity staking, advertising promotion settlement, KOL and community ranking.
  • The exploration of Web3 newcomers will receive OXP.
  • OXP is only used for participating in content feedback, guild/mentor motivation, and more use cases in OpenWorld ecosystem.

OpenWorld is for everyone

For users
  • Access high-quality services for easy entry into Web3.
  • Receive Open ID levels and badges, with advanced users receiving project airdrops.
For KOL/Caller
  • Earn money with high quality content.
  • Accumulate your own content, influence, and fan base on the chain.
For guild/community
  • Benefit from the OpenWorld ecosystem by producing high-quality content and educating newcomers.
For project
  • Discover precise users and callers via on-chain content and preferences.
  • Promote your projects to the earliest Web3 users through KOLs/Callers.
For Web3
  • An influx of new users, thriving communities, streamlined projects, and abundant content will enhance Web3.

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Keep up with KOL and local guilds to open a friendly Web3 world. We welcome you to participate and build with us.
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